Just a few benefits of installing SENOX® seamless gutters

Just a few benefits of installing SENOX® seamless gutters

Reduces chances of leaks

Chances of leaks are reduced when compared to traditional gutters. Traditional gutters are installed piece-by-piece, whereas Seamless gutters run the length of your home with one seamless gutter.

Rot Prevention & Termite Prevention

Water falling from the roof tends to find openings in the paint and caulking of your home, which over time causes wood rot. Termites thrive and reproduce near water buildup. Allowing excess water attracts termite colonies.

Ability To Harvest Rain Water

Rainwater improves plant growth because stored rain water is free from man-made contaminants. Reusing rainwater also reduces your water bill which is always a great benefit!

There’s an array of colors to choose from to best fit your style, contact our office for a FREE No-obligation quote!

Rain Chains and Rain Barrels also available!

Rain Chains are a decorative alternative to the typical downspouts. They transport rainwater from the gutters down towards a drain or into a rain barrel (see below) for water collection while emitting a relaxing sound of trickling water. The Rain Chains are approximately 8.5’ long but can be adjusted to the perfect sizing for your home.

There are many designs available, just a couple of options are shown below!

A rain barrel is a container that collects and stores rainwater draining from your rooftop. Barrels typically range from 50 to 80 gallons and have a spout for filling watering cans and a connection for a hose. Different sizes and styles are available to fit your style.

Benefits of Rain Barrels:

  • Saves money on your water bill
  • Free irrigation for gardens
  • Reduce harmful runoff
  • Healthier plants and soil